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MOL Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022

​​Pursuant to the Amiri Decision No. 57 of 2021, for setting the competencies of the administrative development, labour and social affairs and establishing of the Ministry of Labour. In accordance with its current organization, the Ministry plays an important role in the work system, that is linked directly and indirectly with many ministries and other government agencies in the following areas:
The field of demand-side labour policy development, which facilitates the attraction of qualified, highly skilled and specialized workers. The Ministry's role is complemented by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and supporting government agencies.
The Ministry of Communications complements with the Ministry's role in building an integrated system of institutional processes to achieve excellence in the delivery of government services by streamlining procedures and preparing regulatory work guides in government agencies.
In addition to cooperating with all authorities in this regard to develop the level of government services provided to the community. The Ministry's efforts are complementary to those of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Universities and Qatar Foundation in linking education outputs to the needs of the Qatari labour market, especially in private sector institutions and companies to which the State contributes, as well as creating initiatives and incentives for sustainable professional development.
The Ministry also has indirect links with service ministries and other government agencies such as Qatar Central Bank, Qatar Development Bank, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Qatar Free Zones Authority and Qatar Tourism in the areas of enhancing productivity levels in priority sectors. The Ministry has close cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health regarding coordination to develop a national health care policy for the safety and protection of workers at work sites, and the development of effective monitoring and data management systems.​