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Vision, Mission and Values


Vision :

An efficient, skilled national and expatriate labour force, an appealing and developed labour market.​

Mission :

The Ministry seeks to supervise and control the Labour Market to render it an appealing and developed work environment in accordance with the best standards of Occupational Safety and Health, and to ensure the welfare and stability of society by localising jobs in the Private Sector, benefiting from skilled expatriate workers, implementing laws regulating the Ministry’s competencies, and applying International Standards, best practices and techniques in cooperation with the Government Authorities, the Private Sector, and the regional and international organisations operating in the same field. The Ministry also provides distinguished labour services that ensure the implementation and adherence to the Labour Law, in addition to organising public policies, regulations and systems to achieve equal employment for the workforce, support and care for labour, and protect their rights.

Values ​:

Responding to change-related demands - Quality and Excellence - Participation - Transparency - Responsibility - Teamwork - Initiative - Integrity and J​ustice​